What Is Social Media Advertising?

When most people hear th­e term social network, they routinely think of online social networks. It has been around since 2004 and has over 26 million monthly users all around the world. Scribd is a Internet 2.0 primarily based document-sharing web site where users can publish documents in varied formats then embed into an online page using the iPaper format.\n\nUsers can find and fee pictures, internet pages and videos customized to their interests and tastes using social-networking and peer-sourcing ideas. It allows its users to create online profiles with personal data, interests and placement; upload photos and videos and publish comments.\n\nIt also allows users to create picture albums, play online games and set up music players. Members have personal profile page where they publish blogs, music, photos, videos and questionnaires for other users to answer. Reddit is a social news website that enables users to browse and submit links to news contents online for other users to read or vote.\n\nIt was launched in 2005 and has grown to turn into one of the necessary purchasing tools online. Friendster was founded in 2002 and it Is a social networking web site that allows users to contact other users, preserve contacts and share online content and media with them.\n\nIt’s also a relationship website and used to discover new events, hobbies and bands. Also referred to as MeFi, MetaFilter is a neighborhood weblog that allows members to discuss contents they discover on the internet and to share links to completely different media.