Understanding Montessori Education

In your life, you may have heard of Montessori schools without ever learning what they are. Montessori schools operate based on the Montessori system of education, which was developed over a century ago by the Italian doctor Maria Montessori. The Montessori method is a popular alternative to conventional education in the US, India, and other countries. If you have children, you may want to determine whether a Montessori school is a good fit for them.

Montessori Vs. Regular Education

Montessori education is a secular, scientific system which is meant to instill the same skills as traditional schools. The main difference is in how children are taught. Lessons might fall under multiple subjects, as opposed to the subject segregation of a traditional setting. Activities are designed for children to use all their senses.

Natural Learning

The Montessori method puts great emphasis on the environment to facilitate learning. Children are given a hands-on learning experience with all classroom furniture built specifically for their use. Shelves within the child’s reach house montessori math materials and other special products designed for Montessori education. These mainly consist of natural elements like wood and fabric arranged in interesting shapes.

Loose Organization

Montessori classrooms are less structured than conventional ones. Instead of separating children strictly by year, kids with as much as a three-year age difference share a classroom. Kids are encouraged to move around and interact with the materials as they wish, and are given large amounts of time to do so. They’re allowed, within reason, to focus on what they want to learn at a given time and to learn at their own pace. Montessori teachers function more as guides than lecturers. This setup is meant to foster a child’s creativity while also building a sense of responsibility to complete assignments.

The Montessori system continues to receive support from skeptics of standard educational practices. Consult your nearest Montessori school to learn more.