Surprising Small Ways to Boost Company Morale

While it’s normal for companies to go through peaks and valleys when it comes to company morale, you don’t want to let the low points go unaddressed. Recognize the problem and work to improve it, even if you don’t have the budget to fix it monetarily. Keep positive attitudes going all year round with these simple, economical ways to increase your team’s spirit.

Spread the Good News

Recognition doesn’t always have to come in the form of a raise. When an employee goes above and beyond to meet client expectations or completes a particularly complex project, make sure everyone knows about it. Write a story for the internal newsletter, announce it at the staff meeting or place a feature on the corporate website. Simple acknowledgement of a job well done can certainly boost a person’s attitude.

Feed the Masses

Food is almost always the right answer when you’re wondering how to improve any meeting or event. It makes people feel cared for and nourished. A routine weekly meeting is only made better by tacos from a local establishment and, especially if you live in the south, corporate cookies Atlanta can make your next corporate function a positive, memorable event.

Organize a Unique Gathering

The Friday afternoon meeting that spills into happy hour can be fun, but it’s often just an extension of the brainstorming session you had earlier in the office. It’s not always the best way to disconnect and get to know colleagues on a personal level. Think about organizing a unique gathering that won’t break the bank. Take a weekend hike on a local trail or tour a museum on a discount day. These types of activities allow you to relate to coworkers on a different level and can spark positive energy for the week ahead.

Influencing company morale can be tricky when you aren’t afforded the budget for increased salaries. By keeping teammates fed, recognized and refreshed, though, you may be able to keep employees feeling happy and proud until a monetary reward becomes possible.