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Every time you log onto Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter to share a photo or publish an article, you surrender a chunk of yourself in change for entertainment. He later relents when Zuckerberg reveals that they have secured $500,000 from angel investor Peter Thiel Nonetheless, Saverin becomes enraged when he discovers that the new investment deal allows his share of Facebook to be diluted from 34% to 0.03%, while maintaining the ownership share of all other parties.\n\nAt the end, Marylin Delpy, a junior lawyer for the defense, informs Zuckerberg that they may settle with Saverin, for the reason that sordid details of Facebook’s founding and Zuckerberg’s own callous perspective will make him highly unsympathetic to a jury.\n\nThe epilogue states that Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss obtained a settlement of $65 million, signed a non-disclosure agreement , and rowed in the 2008 Beijing Olympics , inserting sixth; Eduardo Saverin obtained a settlement of an unknown amount and his title was restored to the Facebook masthead as a co-founder; the website has over 500 million members in 207 international locations and is valued at 25 billion dollars; and Mark Zuckerberg is the world’s youngest self-made billionaire.\n\nThe invention itself is as fashionable as it gets, but the story is as outdated as storytelling; the themes of friendship, loyalty, jealousy, class and power… I obtained a 14-page guide proposal that Ben Mezrich had written for his publisher for a guide he was going to call The Unintended Billionaires The publisher was simultaneously purchasing it around for a film sale.\n\nI am unable to go too deeply into that as a result of the general public did it on the condition of anonymity, but what I found was that two lawsuits had been brought in opposition to Facebook at roughly the same time, that the defendant, plaintiffs, witnesses all came into a deposition room and swore underneath oath, and three completely different versions of the story had been advised.