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Salah satu klasipikas yang dapat menjadi acuan dalam pemampaatan Media adalah klasipikasi yang di kemukakan oleh edgar dale yang di kenal dengan krucut pengalaman (cone experience).kerucut pengalaman dale mengklasipikasikan media berdasarkan pengalaman belajar yang akan di peroleh peserta didik,mulai dari pengalaman belajar langsung,penglaman belajar yang dapat di capai melalui gambar,dan pengalaman belajar yang bersipat abstak. The media reflected the publics opinion following the Tet Offensive by way of news stories broadcasted day by day on television screens all over America. The media began to provide what the folks wished to hear, articles and editorials began reflecting public opinion and the stance of reporters had coincided with the American public.\n\nBy way of articles, editorials and day by day news stories on television the media was in a position to replicate the public opinion on the warfare. The media began to observe public opinion on the warfare, which had never been herd of up to now. The Kent State incident can be remembered for the media’s following of public opinion and as the dividing of political traces of the United States.\n\nThe media played a significant function in the Vietnam Conflict in leading public opinion, replicate public opinion and observe public opinion. The media helped lead public opinion by way of imagery of the Vietnam Warfare, media coverage of public figures stance on the warfare and The Pentagon Papers”.\n\nThe media also reflected public opinions of America by way of articles, editorials and news stories broadcasted on television for the first time. Fundamental capabilities of mass communication may be divided into broad three lessons: informing, persuading and entertaining.\n\nTelevisions could show scenario comedies, drama, variety reveals, and so forth. Observe up: To have an thought in regards to the attitudes, feelings, reactions or understanding of the audience, the communicator is needed for arranging observe-ups. The Syndicates of Reporters: The reporters of syndicate also help mass communication by way of supplying collected news, commentaries, entertaining features, and so forth to the trendy mass media.