Restoration Whilst Glorifying the Past

The Ole Bathroom Remodel

If you’ve been thinking of having your bathroom remodeled, then you’ve also likely considered the pain that comes with this long and arduous project. Unless you have a background in plumbing and construction, this heavy-duty project is best left to the professionals. Especially if you happen to have antique furniture that you intend to keep.

Antique furniture are delicate pieces of art. They can be easily damaged during the renovation process if not handled correctly. Considering that these pieces can be worth thousands upon thousands of dollars, that could be a tragedy. To protect yourself from such a crime, consider bathroom remodeling Baltimore Maryland performed by Porcelite Enterprises.

Antique Restoration

Not only can Porcelite perform your bathroom renovation for you, but they can actually restore your antique bathroom furniture, too. Do you have an old and much-loved club foot tub? Or perhaps a cast iron sink? These are items that could be worth a significant amount of money. You shouldn’t let these beautiful pieces of art just be tossed away during your renovation. If they are in need of repair, then Porcelite can restore them and transform them into something practically new. Considering how rare these antiques can sometimes be, you could have a unique aesthetic to your new bathroom that features these antiques. You can be sure that will turn quite a few eyes to your house whenever you choose to put it up for sale.

Since integrity and experience is everything when it comes to restoration, you may wonder if Porcelite has the credentials worthy of performing these tasks for you. It just so happens that Porcelite is one of the oldest antique restorations company in the area, not to mention the country. Their long experience can ensure that the antique is left in the best of hands. You may not even recognize it by the time they’ve restored and polished it up for you. So, let that antique have a place in modernity.