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Mark Zuckerberg was played by Jesse Eisenberg in The Social Network. A billion dollars.” By 2010, audiences knew a billion dollars was cooler than 1,000,000 dollars, though they didn’t know that in a matter of years, a billion dollars would sound like practically nothing There’s also what is supposed to be a very impressive, seductive moment when Parker woos Zuckerberg with fancy cocktails and exquisite girls, telling him, They’re afraid of me, pal, and they will be afraid of you.” He would not specify who they” are, but his words call up an idea that was en vogue in 2004 — the point of disruption” being to piss folks off, take names, and charge full steam ahead, without take care of any of the un-fun consequences.\n\nHe remains on the board even after he buried a successful, in style news outlet over a personal vendetta, and at the same time as he serves as an enthusiastic mouthpiece for varied nightmarish political philosophies His cinematically secretive information-analytics company Palantir is poised to help Donald Trump make good on several of his most extreme campaign promises concerning immigration.\n\nThe invention itself is as fashionable as it gets, but the story is as outdated as storytelling; the themes of friendship, loyalty, jealousy, class, and power.” In his conception of the Mark Zuckerberg story, the worst thing a Silicon Valley power player may do was cheat associates out of mutually attained fortunes, or write mean blog posts.\n\nShe tells him at the end that he isn’t an asshole,” and reprimands him for attempting so onerous to be.” That’s imagined to bookend the break-up line he was dished by Rooney Mara’s character in the opening scene: You’re going to go through life pondering that ladies don’t like you because you’re a nerd.\n\nIn 2010, it could have read as a searing portrait of the moment when, as Dargis mentioned in her evaluation , Zuckerberg turned his life — and ours — into a sequence of zeroes and ones” Nevertheless it only took that idea as far as a lonely dinner or a dark room.