Online High College Courses for Nova Scotia Students and More. Total it’s powerful to deny their consistency in relation to online banking innovation over the previous couple of years. Once again, if you want to try how Tangerine fares in opposition to their competition, try our Complete Guide to Canada’s Online Banks.\n\nNow that the former ING Direct has completed its change from Dutch online banking pioneer, to a platform controlled by Scotiabank, we figured that we must always take a look and see what – if anything – has changed. We’ll hold updating this thread as the Tangerine” brand starts to evolve over 2014, so make certain and hold checking back for updated comparisons to a number of the other online options out there.\n\nING Direct and their major competitor – Ally – had been two modern selections for financially-aware Canadians a couple of years ago. These online banks had been in a position to give great rates on high-interest savings accounts, term deposits, and even mortgages.\n\nThe concept was to cut retail costs to the bone by utilizing an internet model (bricks and mortar storefronts in prime areas aren’t low-cost) and then cross those savings on to prospects. Canadians had been immediately drawn to the authoritative/vaguely international voice encouraging them to, Save your money”.\n\nSince 1997 the bank behind the orange website was in a position to entice nearly two million purchasers. When you’re like me, you had been sad to see ING bought out by considered one of Canada’s major banking hegemons. That being mentioned, Scotiabank has been very clear is stating that Tangerine” might be a stand-alone brand and that it has no plans to shut anything down.