the solution of women involved in domestic violence

Domestic violence is a terrible problem that is also very hard to solve. Many couples become involved in co-dependent relationships in which abuse is a factor. Many women who are being abused by their husbands refuse to report the abuse, due to fear of reprisal or due to emotional confusion about what is happening. Many men who are violent towards their partners go through an emotional see-saw after the incident, begging for forgiveness and telling the woman they’ve abused that they’ll never do it again. This is all part of the emotional manipulation that is part of the abuse cycle, and it’s what makes it so hard to get some women to seek help.

Getting Help

The law does recognize the reality of domestic abuse, and there are many attorneys who specialize in this area of the legal system. A person who is being abused can contact a
domestic violence attorney hillsborough county to seek help and information, and a person who has been accused of committing domestic violence can seek help as well.

A Vicious Cycle

There’s no doubt that the dizzying cycle of abuse can be an intractable problem. Our culture is full of stories covering the problem, from episodes of “Law and Order” to films like “New York, New York” and “Raging Bull.” Anyone who is being abused by their partner should be encouraged to seek help before it is too late. While it can be very difficult to escape from an abuser, the reality is that these types of relationships don’t tend to get better over time.

The world had a terrible view into the reality of domestic violence during the shocking trial of O.J Simpson, when the once beloved athlete was exposed as an abuser after the death of wife Nicole Simpson, and her friend.

If you know anyone who is being abused and refuses to get help, find out how you can help them find the strength to get away. Encourage them to seek counseling and talk to a lawyer, soon, before things turn terribly wrong, and even deadly.