Flash Media Playback

Borrowed from Latin media , nominal use of the feminine of medius (middle”, adjective). Sandvik has consistent with previous communication now completed the divestments of Mining Techniques. Sandvik launches a mini-podcast sequence the Sandvik Materials Pod” and related technical articles – making deep-dives into stainless expertise. At a remote Chinese mine it has created a win-win scenario of decreased costs and improved, predictable productivity.\n\nThe person agent has encountered initialization information in the media information. This is when the associated app comes back to the foreground, or when the higher priority audio finished taking part in. Then, in line 3, the example sets the component’s currentTime attribute to 10.0, which initiates a seek operation to the 10-second mark in the media.\n\nIn other words, this example seeks to the 10-second mark in the media, then begins playback as soon as that’s finished. Dapatkan yang terbaru & terhebat dari MDN yang dikirim langsung ke kotak masuk Anda. Saat ini nawala hanya tersedia dalam bahasa Inggris. Saya setuju Mozilla mengendalikan informasi saya seperti yang dijelaskan dalam Kebijakan Privasi.\n\nSila periksa kotak masuk atau saringan spam Anda untuk mendapatkan surel dari kami. In lectures and seminars, students find out about institutions, constructions, and processes of communication as well as the media’s political and social operate in present and past.\n\nTelevision sets had been extremely rare and expensive and there was initially only one broadcasting station primarily based in London, with a very small distribution radius. Football games had been initially shown on terrestrial TV, free to the lots, providing folks paid a small charge in relation to at present’s satellite costs, to the BBC for licensing.