Facebook President Sean Parker Unloads On Mark Zuckerberg And Admits He Helped Build A Monster,

Directed by David Fincher Written by Aaron Sorkin , adapted from Ben Mezrich’s 2009 nonfiction guide The Unintended Billionaires. It’s part of Fincher’s process to get into every side of production (at one point in the course of the documentary, Eisenberg points out, ” He’s thought of their job as much or more than them”), and while the script matters on every movie, it had to be razor sharp for this one.\n\nCombined with Eisenberg’s wonderful performance, the movie absolutely lives up to Delpy’s line when she tells Mark that’s he isn’t an asshole; he’s just attempting so onerous to be. Throughout the movie, we’re shown Mark’s tiny imperfections that belie his larger needs.\n\nEven when Eduardo is explaining how his personal life is in shambles, Mark notes, Still, it’s nice you could have a girlfriend.” The fellows in the ultimate clubs obtained ladies; Mark built a ultimate club, and is not only alone at the end of the movie, but his closest relationship has been obliterated.\n\nNow take a script that’s been modified down to every word, actors who do a hundred takes (and adore it; you possibly can see on the documentary that younger actors happily take to Fincher’s method), and editors who have a wealth of options to choose the most effective delivery.\n\nThe Social Network was nominated for eight Academy Awards and six Golden Globes, taking residence awards including the Oscars for Finest Adapted Screenplay, Finest Authentic Score, and Finest Film Enhancing, and the Globes for Finest Motion Picture, Finest Director, Finest Screenplay and Finest Authentic Score.