Drain Cleaning Should Only Be Performed By An Experienced Plumber

Sewers and drains can become clogged for almost any reason and store bought drain cleaners will not eliminate the clog. In these types of situations, an experienced plumber should be contacted as quickly as possible. If a drain, garbage disposal, or toilet is draining slowly, a plumber can perform a thorough drain cleaning before a larger clog develops. A homeowner can reduce the chance of a clog developing in their line when they reduce the amount of the grease, food or other items from entering the system. Paper towels, large amounts of grease, paint, food and feminine hygiene products are only a few things that can cause a serious problem with a drain.

Signs A Drain Needs To Be Cleaned

A sign that a drain needs to be cleaned is when it fails to perform any of the draining process. Foul smells entering a home from a drain can be an early warning sign there’s a clog in the system. A slow running drain is a sign to the user it needs to be cleaned.

Clogs In Sewer Lines Outside Of The Home

In some situations, sewer pipes can crack due to shifting in the dirt or because of someone driving over the pipe. Tree roots that are in search of water can also cause a complete blockage of a sewer line. This type of blockage needs to be eliminated by an experienced plumber.

How Can A Plumber Find The Cause Of A Clog?

An experienced plumber has a camera that’s specifically designed to travel through a clogged pipe to locate the blockage. It’s a much easier solution to use than guessing the cause and using the wrong equipment. If tree roots are the cause of the clog, they can temporarily cut them, but will have to replace the pipe.

When you need a plumber to perform work for you in your home, you should check their references or reviews. Another place to find information about a company is through the Better Business Bureau. The length of time they’ve been in business is also a very good indication of their success with customer satisfaction.